Sean Rice
The very helpful Matt from Denver Bullets. Plus, we know how much Cat loves camo!

Cease Fire!

Last Saturday, March 31, Cat went to check out a different kind of accessory — one that fires fifty-caliber bullets. You see, while she loves fashion and frippery, she also writes about homelessness, zoning, land-use and, yes, sometimes even guns. So when the

Rocky Mountain Fifty Caliber Shooting Association

called and offered to have her up to its machine-gun shoot just south of Fort Morgan, she agreed.

You see, Cat is a Blue State island in the middle of a Red State family, and her father and brother have often fired these weapons of mass destruction (just check out the slideshow). So Cat decided it was time to fire a few big guns for herself.

Want to live vicariously through Cat? View the entire slideshow here.

Tomorrow we return to our regular diet of shoes, clothes and style news.


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