Charlie Sheen suddenly camera-shy, doesn't want Channel 9 in Aspen courtroom

Charlie Sheen has made some nice coin over the years working in front of cameras. But apparently he doesn't want to do so for free -- especially when it pertains to his December 25 arrest in Aspen for allegedly threatening and assaulting his wife, Brooke Mueller, with whom he now wants to reconcile.

On Monday, Channel 9 asked a Pitkin County judge to place a camera in the courthouse for a January 20 hearing at which both Sheen and Mueller are to appear. In response, the Aspen Times reports, attorneys for both of them have filed court papers asking that 9News be given the Heisman. The key passage from Aspen attorney Richie Cummins's filiing:

As intensely personal as this process is, [Charlie Sheen] accepts that his status as a celebrity comes with a level of scrutiny in his personal life. [Charlie Sheen] understands that there will be media coverage of this case, and he does not seek to eliminate it.

He does, however, seek to minimize its impact, so as to protect his right to a fair trial and to preserve for the alleged victim a modicum of privacy during this intensely painful and difficult time.

Cummins's motion adds that "there is little of interest that will be discussed [at the hearing] except on the most voyeuristic level."

Yeah? So?

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