Christina Szele: Westword's favorite shmuck is back!

Bet you thought you'd seen the last of this face -- or at least that you hoped you had...

Christina Elizabeth Szele has been recognized as Westword's Shmuck of the Week more often than anyone else. She first won this "honor" in June 2008, after an argument over a cigarette on a JetBlue flight led to a confrontation between Szele and several attendants that was described using words like "thrashing," "cursing," "kicking," "screaming," "punching," "stomping" and "hurling" (of racial slurs). She returned to the Shmuck spotlight in September, after she was busted for assault and twice tested positive for cocaine. Hence, a case that would have been transferred to New York, closer to Szele's home, wound up back in Colorado -- and her November guilty plea earned her another Shmuck salute. Then, in March, Szele popped up again, when U.S. District Judge John Kane revoked her bond following another assault accusation, this one involving her sister-in-law.

What's the latest? Yesterday, Szele was back in a Colorado courtroom, where U.S. Magistrate Judge Kathleen Tafoya ordered that she be held without bail prior to a hearing about her alleged violation of probation rules.

Denver can rest easy knowing Szele is back behind bars -- but this Shmuck recidivist remains a little too close for comfort.

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