Christipher Baker Sentenced For Incest, Strangling Best Friend Over a Pizza

Christipher Baker has been sentenced to serve fourteen years behind bars -- which actually sounds modest given the crimes he's been convicted of committing.

Baker pleaded guilty to sexually molesting his own three-year-old daughter and then strangling his best friend, reportedly after an argument over a pizza. Photos, video and details below.

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Baker's still-online Facebook page describes him as a former technician for a trucking company. He left the position in July, and the following month, he shared one of his last posts -- this meme:

The worst times would follow.

According to KREX-TV, Baker, a resident of Clifton, just outside Grand Junction, was busted in the fall of 2013 for alleged sex assault on his daughter, age three.

He was subsequently released on bond -- and while he was free, he got together with Matthew Wilkerson, a thirty-year-old described as his best friend.

On the evening of November 2, according to KKCO-TV, Baker and Wilkerson got into a drunken confrontation over a pizza.

At that time, Baker allegedly put Wilkerson into a stranglehold and didn't let go until his pal was dead.

The result was two heinous crimes allegedly committed by Baker, and he ultimately reached a plea deal on both.

KREX notes that Baker has now been sentenced to six years for aggravated incest and an additional eight years for manslaughter in Wilkerson's death.

In addition, the judge in the case ordered Baker to pay for his daughter's counseling, as well as child support, which he's also been ordered to supply to the three kids Wilkerson left behind until they reach age nineteen.

Look below to see Baker's booking photo, followed by the KREX-TV report about the sentencing.

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