City Loop sounds like a good idea to this reader -- and neighbor

"Bullet. Proof.," Melanie Asmar, December 12

On a Roll

Karina Vargas is the most beautiful lady I've ever seen grace Westword's cover. She could even sell that photo as a pinup. Kim Kardashian, move over! If we didn't want illegal immigrants in this country, why did we let them the millions? So give them a clear path to citizenship if they're already here.

Some Westword reader(s), please donate Karina Vargas enough money to get her firmly on her feet — literally — and on the road to full recovery.
Gene W. Edwards
Colorado Springs

Wow. I don't know what is more stunning, the (very well-written) story about Karina Vargas or the flawless cover photo by Anthony Camera (real name?). One thing is for sure: Karina Vargas is bulletproof, boundless and beautiful!

Rock (and roll) on, Sister!!
Erin Eugenia Conway

"Parks and Wreck," Alan Prendergast, December 19

In the Loop

City Loop sounds like a great way to add a lot of high-value features to get more people enjoying the space in richer ways. A few people enjoying a pastoral, picturesque ideal seems selfish given how much of the space in the proposal is open, the rest of the park, and nearby Cheesman. I think that, as represented, the design could be plopped anywhere, and agree that it sorely needs to be site-responsive and feel like it belongs in Colorado, but on the whole I think the proposal has tremendous value.

A lot of the things that are criticized in this article are far from insidious — the mayor is characterized as selfish for trying to build social housing and an elementary school, for example. I think that the bigger problem is the resistance to referenda; that, and some of the ways Parks has behaved, are very big-government and anti-democratic. Thankfully, they aren't behaving this way to promote the financial interests of party members or donors (check out Vision Vancouver for a corporate example).

I am a stakeholder and live two blocks from City Park. I think that the services proposed in the loop would be fantastic and believe that Denver should be ambitious, not mediocre. I am pro-development and transit; for instance, I think that the surface lots downtown would be better as restaurants, brewpubs, shops, community centers, offices and apartments. Hopefully, this informs my perspective.
Bill Flanigan

"Under the Influence," William Breathes, December 5

The Numbers Game

I never thought I'd say something positive about a William Breathes article, but he is doing us a favor by publicizing what a shallow job we're doing in collecting and reporting driving-under-the-influence-of-drugs data in this state. He actually got many of his facts correct in this one. I'm confident we can do better.
Ed Wood

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