Civil unions: LGBT organization One Colorado kicks off campaign to legalize them (VIDEO)

LGBT-rights organization One Colorado is behind a legislative push this year to legalize civil unions in the state. On Sunday, the organization held a kickoff event for its civil-unions coalition, Voices for Strong Families. Among those in attendance was Senator Pat Steadman, who plans to sponsor the bill.

Colorado already grants many rights to gays and lesbians, including the right to adopt partners' children, protection against hate crimes and same-sex partner benefits for state employees. But not gay marriage or civil unions. In 2006, voters narrowly rejected a measure that would have given same-sex couples many of the same benefits as married couples.

Jessica Woodrum, spokeswoman for One Colorado, thinks things will be different in 2011. She cites a poll from last year that found that 72 percent of Coloradans support legal recognition of gay couples. "Public opinion has shifted dramatically since 2006," she says.

And One Colorado is ready to pitch in. "We will be mobilizing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Coloradans to get involved in the political process," Woodrum says.

See video from the kickoff event below, courtesy of Dan Gonzales.

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