Clear the Bench Colorado poll numbers show voter discontent with Colorado justices

Clear the Bench's Matt Arnold

says an overwhelming majority of Colorado voters will not be reelecting four Colorado Supreme Court Justices this fall, and he has the poll numbers to prove it.

A phone survey of roughly 900 Colorado voters -- relatively evenly balanced between age, sex and political party -- conducted by Clear the Bench Colorado shows that 78 percent or more of all respondents wouldn't approve retaining justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez and Nancy Rice for another ten-year term.

"This wasn't a push-poll, obviously we provided some information about the decisions the judges had made," he says. "But if people have information -- and that is my challenge -- it is a very strong response."

To Arnold, all three justices represent "anti-taxpayer," "unjust-judges," and he took issue with all of them after what he calls an "unfair" mill levy freeze in March of last year, which flies in the face of voters who approved TABOR regulations nearly twenty years ago.

"This cuts across all demographic groups," Arnold says, "and there is a real discontent that exists among Colorado voters about how their rights have been treated by the folks who should have been guarding them."

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