Clowns, Mental Hospitals and More of Our Creepiest News Stories in October

What are you scared of? Whether it's clowns, mental hospitals, haunted hotels or dying a horrifying death, we wrote plenty of stories this month that are sure to creep you out. Continue reading for our creepiest October news coverage.

1. JonBenet Ramsey Investigation: Distorted DNA Part of Ongoing Cover-Up?
"A new report by two of Colorado's premiere investigative reporters indicates that former Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy misrepresented DNA evidence in the JonBenét Ramsey investigation in order to..." Continue reading.

2. Avoiding Creepy Clowns? There's an App for That
"Excited for Halloween, but nervous about running into ominous clowns? Not to worry: Jefferson County high-school student Rocco Marchitto has developed an app,, that allows you to..." Continue reading.

3. The Ten Worst Denver-Specific Halloween Costumes
"Here’s a top ten list of Denver costumes in the face of which you should just shut the door." Continue reading.

4. Thirteen Horrifying Colorado Murders
"Colorado has seen its share of horrible crimes." Continue reading.
5. Haunted by Its Past, Will the Stanley Hotel Have a Happy Ending?
"The zombie invasion was sudden and swift. There were at least a hundred of them, with gaping flesh wounds and ..." Continue reading.

6. Why Lawsuit Is Coming Over State Mental Facility That Became a House of Horrors
"According to attorney Mari Newman, one of her clients in a soon-to-be-filed lawsuit over shocking abuse that took place at the Pueblo Regional Center, a State of Colorado facility that..." Continue reading.
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