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Club Vinyl confrontation leads to early morning gun battle: Woman hit, suspect apprehended

Let-out at area nightspots can be volatile, which is why Denver cops often hang near venues like Club Vinyl, at 1082 Broadway.

Which explains why they were on the scene almost instantly when gunfire broke out nearby early this morning.

Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson offers details about the shooting, which took place behind an Arby's restaurant near the intersection of 10th and Broadway.

"At about two o'clock this morning, officers heard shots fired," he says. "They were in the area to keep an eye on the out-crowds, and they saw a man who had a gun trained on someone. They confronted him at that point in time. Shots were fired, and he took off running. They chased him, apprehended him a short time later, and took him into custody."

As the lead flew, a woman was hit in the leg; she was transported to a nearby hospital with what Jackson characterizes as a "non-life-threatening injury." At this point, he declines to speculate about whether the woman was shot by the suspect or one of the two officers, both of whom fired their weapon.

"We found multiple shell casings in the area," he notes. "It appears she was shot by the suspect, but I'm being very cautious right now. This is an ongoing investigation."

What prompted the shooting? Jackson says there was a "confrontation" in Club Vinyl -- he's careful not to describe it as a fight -- "and then, when the crowd came out, it continued behind the Arby's."

In this case, thinkin' Arby's didn't turn out to be a very good idea.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.