CNBC Documentary to Examine Colorado Cannabis Industry After First Anniversary

As Colorado nears the one-year anniversary of the first legal sale of recreational marijuana, media outlets across the country are taking a look at the financial and social effects of Amendment 64. An upcoming CNBC documentary, "Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom," will show how Colorado's cannabis industry is faring after its inaugural year.

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After covering the creation of Amendment 64 and the beginning of what Governor John Hickenlooper called "one of the great social experiments of the next century" in an earlier segment, "Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush," CNBC correspondent and ex-Coloradan Harry Smith will return on January 5 with a report on a variety of issues connected with legal marijuana.

Smith and his team will cover controversies such as edible regulation, seizure treatment and other economic and societal concerns that have popped up over the past year.

CNBC cameras will also follow two black-market pot dealers as they receive "donations" for their products as Smith examines how legalization has increased the flow of illegal marijuana over state borders.

CNBC calls itself the "world leader is business news" -- and cannabis has certainly become a leading industry in Colorado in 2014. Have a tip? E-mail marijuana@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.