Coathangr goes mobile with release of iPhone app

Denver-based Coathangr, a social media service aimed at the fashion conscious (read about it here), has just made it easier than ever to collect your friends' opinions about that pair of pumps on sale -- or to let them giggle at a distance when you spot a fashion disaster out and about -- with the release of their free iPhone app. The app lets you quickly and easily snap a pic from your iPhone and send it to Coathangr for your friends to comment on. Perhaps just as handy, you can use the app to check up on what your fashion-friends have posted while you're on the go and then supply your archly snide commentary with unparalleled ease.

You can grab the free app from the iPhone app store (warning: the link will open iTunes) or get some more info from Coathangr's iPhone app info page. "This thing has been a labor of love," says Coathangr co-founder Dave Wiskus. "Jay [Graves] and I have busted our asses to get the iPhone app done, and we couldn't be happier that our baby is all grown up and available for download."

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