Cole pole beans thrive when planted in a tight spot: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Known as green beans or snap beans in other parts of Denver, Cole pole beans are excellent, inner-city stringless bean plants that are far more productive than bush bean variety. The perfect choice for tight spots and narrow lots in historic neighborhoods, Cole pole bean plants become upwardly mobile when provided with a sturdy support system... As illustrated on the Denver Neighborhood Seed Company packet shown above, Cole pole beans are as vital to the community as Cole Middle School. When given the proper support, Cole pole beans plants and Cole Middle School students will thrive under the toughest conditions and support the neighborhood in turn.

Cole pole beans should be planted four-to-six-inches apart at the base of a support pole, trellis or bean tower. Or just evenly space a package of seeds along a chain link fence and see what happens. Plants will thrive with ease and produce green beans that are more flavorful than any of the canned or frozen varieties found at the Downing Super!

Cole pole beans will grow with the slightest effort right up until the first frost. And much like the graduates of Cole Middle School, the stringless pods will stay sweet and tender-crisp even at full maturity.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.