Colorado Avalanche superhero: Check out Avs entry in Stan Lee's Guardian Project (VIDEO)

The National Hockey League is trying to entice young fans to the ice -- and what better way than with superheroes.

That's the theory behind the Guardian Project, a Stan Lee creation that assigns a powerful character to each NHL team. Meet Avalanche!

According to the Guardian Project's bio page, "The Guardians are a tremendous team of superheroes. They each have tremendous powers derived from the Teams and Cities they represent." And alphabetically first is Avalanche:

The description of Mr. Av reads:

The Avalanche is frozen. More specifically, he's a giant piece of walking frozen rocky earth. He takes this form as a direct result of Denver's location at the base of the Rocky Mountains. To keep himself frozen, the Avalanche has a cryogenic titanium suit which also gives him the ability to freeze anything he touches. He can suck the oxygen out of any given area, suffocating his opponents, an ability most definitely taken from Denver's high altitude. The Avalanche's greatest power is that he can induce an actual avalanche whenever he chooses, provided of course that conditions allow for it. If you are in a frozen environment he's the guy you need at your side.

The Guardian Project's television debut came with last weekend's NHL All-Star game. Here's an Avalanche-centric video hyping it:

Will this promotion fly? Hard to say -- but just because Stan Lee and his minions gave Avalanche powers that make sucking a good thing doesn't mean the players should follow suit.

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