Colorado Crimes: A bad day in Westminster for Christopher Donte Williams

It's a good indication that a temper tantrum has gotten out of control if a S.W.A.T. team is called to respond.

That's what happened Saturday near 68th and Lowell to Christopher Donte Williams, age nineteen, who, for reasons not spelled out in a release from the Westminster Police Department, decided to do a Keith Moon impression on an apartment -- and also threatened a maintenance man with a knife. After Williams barricaded himself in the domicile, the account continues, the aforementioned S.W.A.T. squad arrived in force, and Williams surrendered without further incident. Although, frankly, the previous incidents were enough.

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Barricaded Subject Surrenders to S.W.A.T Team

On August 15, 2009 at about 11:30 a.m. the Westminster Police Department responded to a disturbance at the Lakeview Apartment Complex near 68th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard. A male later identified as, Christopher Donte Williams (DOB: 12-12-89) was damaging the interior of an apartment and threatened a maintenance worker with a knife.

Mr. Williams refused to communicate with police officers or obey any of their orders to come out of the apartment. When Mr. Williams began barricading himself inside the apartment officers used less lethal rounds, which were ineffective.

Mr. Williams surrendered shortly after contact was made by the Westminster S.W.A.T Team. He was taken into custody by S.W.A.T officers without any incident. Mr. Williams was transported to the Westminster Police Department and will be held at the Adams County Jail on the following charges:

Menacing Use of a Deadly Weapon -- CRS 18-3-206(a)

Criminal Mischief $1000 to $20000 -- CRS 18-4-501

Failure Refusal to Leave Premises -- CRS 18-9-119(2)

Extensive damage was done to the inside of the apartment and police are not sure what caused Mr. Williams to begin damaging property.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.