Colorado Crimes: Arrest of two alleged Denver purse snatchers make us feel slighly better about society

It takes a special kind of bastard to commit such a crude, poorly planned crime as grabbing a lady's purse on the street and running like hell. At least with a mugging or a carjacking, there's some type of criminal/victim exchange like, Now I am going to rob you; please prepare to be fucked> But with a purse snatching, it's just wham, bam, no-thank you, ma'am.

This may be why witnessing a random purse snatching is perhaps the number one scenario in every person's secret quiver of hero fantasies. What would you do if you saw some dude yank a woman's purse away from her and take off? Would you chase after him like in a bad '80s TV show? Or, more realistically, would you just stand there like the hapless bystander in this surveillance video showing a purse snatching downtown last year?

Well, with help of some quick-thinking passersby, two separate purse snatching incidents in Denver this weekend ended with the alleged snatchers in the pokey.

Bryan Ross, 28, was arrested around 1 a.m. last Friday after he allegedly followed a 31-year-old female up the handicap ramp of her Uptown apartment building at 1727 Pearl Street and grabbed her purse.

"The arrestee then dragged the victim down the front stairs by the purse and north down Pearl Street where he was detained by civilian witnesses and arrested," says a police incident report. Aside from some scrapes on her elbows, the victim was otherwise physically unharmed and refused medical treatment.

The victim of another purse snatching the next night wasn't as lucky. Police arrested Terry Small, 21, after he allegedly punched a 56-year-old woman in the head while she was walking through a park in Montbello. A police report on the incidents says Small then "yanked a brown 'fanny' pack off the victim, which she had attached around her waist. The brown pack had miscellaneous U.S. Currency inside of it." Small then took off running, but two witnesses were able to chase him and direct police to his location. Busted.

Denver is starting to feel more like a bad '80s TV show already.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.