The suspect's lap may have been obscured by a laptop.
The suspect's lap may have been obscured by a laptop.

Colorado Crimes: Indecent exposure goes high-tech

The traditions that we've come to know and rely upon for decades are slowly vanishing. Take indecent exposure. Not so long ago, the average perpetrator would toss on a raincoat and nothing else, then head out on the street in a quest to flash his shortcomings at passersby. But the suspect in an indecent-exposure investigation in Parker took a different tack. Instead of wagging his weenie live and in person earlier this week, he showed two women video of him doing naughty things using a laptop or portable DVD player. Which undoubtedly was just as disgusting as the old method, but a lot more technologically advanced.

Get the official version of the incident below:

Parker Police Department release:

Police Search for Suspect in Indecent Exposure Incident

On June 3, two juvenile females were approached by a male who reportedly showed them explicit video of himself committing lewd acts on a laptop or a portable DVD player in the Cherrywood Apartment complex in the Town of Parker.

The unidentified suspect is described as a white male with a tan complexion. He is approximately 5'6-5'9 with short brown hair and clean shaven.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Parker Police Department at 303.841.9800.


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