Colorado Crimes: Reinstatement of Greeley cop in bar fight over "gay look" earns web mark of shame

Today's Greeley Tribune features an article about 52-year-old Kell Hulsey, a Greeley cop who was arrested last year following a fight at Livermore's Pot Belly Deli Bar and Restaurant that reportedly started because he and his son, Daniel, "believed another man in the bar gave them a 'gay look.'" A total of seven patrons, out of approximately 150 in the bar at the time, joined in the melee, and one customer, Bryan Carter, wound up being smashed in the face with a beer mug.

Now, however, Husley's currently in the good graces of the department, working the late shift. It's a development that didn't please bar owner David Duty -- "If he comes back in here, I'll put him in the hospital," he told the Tribune -- and it got similarly bad notices in a post on Towleroad, a nationally recognized gay-news site based in Las Vegas. The item's headline -- "Gay-Bashing Colorado Cop Kell Husley Back on the Job" -- virtually guarantees that the story will travel to other sites (Edge Boston wrote about his arrest last year). As a result, the looks Husley gets in the future may well be of contempt.

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