Colorado Crimes: Try banging someone your age, teacher Linda Trabucco!

Why on earth would a female high-school teacher want to boink a male student? After all, teenage boys are typically terrible conversationalists, are prone to doing stupid things (and then doing them again), and have terrible skin. And who cares if a stiff breeze can give them an erection? Most of them don't know what to do with the damn thing. I speak from experience....

Nonetheless, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Linda Trabucco, a teacher at Jeffco's Collegiate Academy, ignored these important factors and had sex with a student through his entire high school career -- and maybe with another boy, too. The first young man, now 21, apparently looked back on the situation with regret, because he told authorities about it. Now, Trabucco has been charged with sexual assault on a child. Get more details after the jump.

Jefferson County Charter School teacher arrested

Jefferson County, Co. - On August 13, 2009 the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office took a criminal report concerning a teacher at the Collegiate Academy, a Jefferson County Charter School. The victim, now a 21-year-old male, wanted to report that he had been in a sexual relationship with a teacher throughout his high school years.

The relationship began during the victim's freshman year. It is believed the first sexual activity was in 2003 and continued until the victim graduated. Allegations have been made that a second teenaged male may have had a relationship with the teacher during that same timeframe. At this time, investigators have no information indicating the teacher has been involved with recent students of the school.

Linda L. Trabucco, dob 06-14-65, was arrested without incident at her home in Douglas County last night. She is currently in the Jefferson County Jail, with a $50,000 bond, on the following charge.

Sexual Assault on a Child in a Position of Trust, Felony class 3.

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