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Stuck on Colorado? Add Affinity Icons to Your Digital ID

Governor Jared Polis wants Coloradans to share why they love the state.
Governor Jared Polis wants Coloradans to share why they love the state.
Giving you the option of using a digital ID to buy booze, get into bars and prove your identity is apparently not enough for the State of Colorado. Now, residents can further personalize their digital IDs with affinity icons.

"Driver licenses and IDs are an essential piece of our identity, and the DMV wanted to add a personal touch. These icons are a fun way to show your affinity for a variety of activities and hobbies," says Amanda Mason, a spokesperson for the Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology. The DMV released the affinity icons in mid-August through the myColorado mobile app, which Coloradans can use to add their digital IDs.

Digital ID holders have sixteen choices of icons that they can add to the back of their licenses, like a sticker. Those interested in recreation can show it with a fishing, kayak or skiing symbol, while nature lovers can add mountains or snowflakes. And those who really want to prove that they're Denver natives — or want to make fun of people who think this way — can stick on a 5280 affinity icon. Sadly, the lineup does not include Casa Bonita, Blucifer, Dinger or anything marijuana-related.

Governor Jared Polis came up with the idea to "let people personalize their IDs," Mason says, right at the same time the state was redesigning the Colorado ID. The new license dropped in February, with designs based on photographs submitted by Colorado residents Matt Nuñez and Gabriel Dupon in a contest. The new ID has mountains on the front and back and is colorful, as befits Colorful Colorado.

The DMV chose the affinity icons based on feedback received from a survey of members of the public.
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Coloradans can add flair to their digital IDs.
"The DMV sees this launch as a pilot program to gauge the interest of affinity icons for potential use on physical cards in the future," explains Mason. "If there is significant interest in this type of personalization, the DMV may explore additional logos as they seek to improve the user experience and connection with their Colorado identity."

But while the icons were his idea, Polis hasn't yet stuck any on his ID. Says Polis spokesperson Melissa Dworkin, "Governor Polis doesn't yet have the affinity icons, but looks forward to adding them."

Fair warning: No matter how many icons you add, these digital IDs are only authorized for use within Colorado. And the DMV still encourages digital ID holders to carry their physical driver's license or state-issued ID card.
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