Colorado floods: Larimer County reduces missing list to zero

Update: Earlier today, we noted that the Larimer County Sheriff's Office had listed six people as missing -- but at least two were promptly declared safe, with information suggesting that a third was okay as well.

Now, the LCSO has reportedly reduced the list to zero, meaning all of the six people named yesterday survived the flooding.

See photos, a video and get additional details in our previous coverage below.

Original post, 10:50 a.m.: Yesterday, we noted that representatives of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office had said they'd be redesignating people previously listed as unaccounted for following recent, devastating floods as missing. They've now done so: We have the names and some identifying information about individuals whose whereabouts remain unknown, as well as two women who lost their lives: Patty Goodwine, fifty, and Evelyn Starner, 79, both of whom appear to have drowned in the Big Thompson River.

The six individuals named by the Larimer County Sheriff's Office are as follows:
1. James Atwood from 778 Estes Park Estates Drive, Pinewood Springs

2. Bruce Bechtel from 1630 14th Street SE, Loveland

3. Carl Grunke, from 450 Hillside Lane or 626 Little Prospect Rd, Estes Park

4. Jon-Erik Huffspater from unspecified address in Loveland

5. Marilyn Powell from 148 Big Pine Lane, Drake

6. Michael Williams from 13964 CR 43, Drake

Appearing on this list isn't necessarily a death sentence, though. The person atop the roster -- James Atwood -- subsequently turned up safe and sound. Look below for a 7News video about his story of survival. Moreover, the station reports that Bechtel is also okay, and cites sporadic reports about Powell being fine as well. Moreover, previous contact with others lift hopes that they, too, are still with us.

The most recent statistics published by the Colorado Office of Emergency Management haven't quite caught up to the news about Atwood and company: They continue to list six people as missing in Larimer County -- and they're the only individuals so designated in the state at this point. Here's a rundown of those figures and other key numbers:

Those who didn't survive the flooding include Goodwine, who had lived with her family in a home fifty feet from the Big Thompson River since 1976, shortly after another major flood, according to the Denver Post. The paper notes that she suffered from multiple sclerosis but still managed to keep up with the big house she adored so much.

Also lost was Starner, who reportedly worked at a nursing home where some of the residents were younger than her.

Her body is said to have been found along the banks of the Big Thompson, in the vicinity of Sylvan Dale Ranch.

Our condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of Goodwine and Starner, and our best wishes to those hoping for good news still unaccounted for.

If you have information about the people who are reported as missing, you're encouraged to contact Investigator Kevin Maul at 970-498-5164. In the meantime, here's the 7News story about James Atwood and others on the list.

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