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Reader: Anti-Maskers During a Pandemic Are Crybabies

Reader: Anti-Maskers During a Pandemic Are Crybabies
Governor Jared Polis issued a mandatory mask order for Colorado on July 16. That order was set to expire on October 12, but Polis just extended it for another thirty days, citing concerning figures about the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

“This is the most worried I’ve been since mid-July,” the governor said at a press conference October 9.

"We need to be better at wearing masks — not because I say to do it or because public-health officials say to do it," Polis explained. "It's because you care about your health and your family and your neighbors and your job. That's why we're doing it."

Polis concluded with this: "Just wear a damn mask."

These days, though, any discussion of masks quickly morphs from science into politics, as evidenced by the comments posted on the Westword Facebook story about Polis's extension of the mask order. Says Eron:
Thanks for attempting to control this viral spread. So many ignorant people refuse to cooperate for the health of all. I will never understand the arrogant selfishness shown by these fools.
Responds Dawn: 
I will never understand the willingness to buy the whole thing hook, line and sinker....
Notes Jessica:
I don’t like Polis. I don’t mind wearing the mask though; my fellow people matter to me and if it’s helpful or gives them peace of mind, I’m cool with it!
But then there's this from Aaron:
Just past the election.. isn't that convenient? At least he's not as stupid as [New York Governor Andrew] Cuomo, who has his order expire November 3. Amazing how all Polis wants to talk about is cases, not hospitalizations or deaths. Why? Because they don't correlate.
Counters Vi:
Look how not social distancing and not wearing a mask got Trump sick! I say all anti-maskers go volunteer at a hospital with COVID-19 patients and all the problems will be sorted out by the laws of nature. Natural selection, so to speak.
Concludes Matthew:
An obese 74-year-old with a probable mental defect who does not exercise and whose favorite meal is McDonald's just recovered from the world's deadliest virus in three days.

You can take the fucking mask off.
Concludes Krissy:
Didn’t realize how many crybaby ass people there were in the world until they were told to wear a mask during a pandemic.
BTW, Polis did address hospitalizations during his October 9 press conference, nothing that while the majority of hospitalizations have been occurring in metropolitan areas, the figures are increasing in more rural parts of the state, too. "This is truly a statewide phenomenon," he emphasized. "Here are the takeaways: This affects you. It doesn't matter your demographic."

And while two of the state's five alternative-care sites, The Ranch Complex in Loveland and the Western Memory Care Center in Grand Junction, have been decommissioned, Polis just extended the executive order that established the other three, including the facility at the Colorado Convention Center.
click to enlarge The Colorado Convention Center is still an emergency care facility. - EVAN SEMÓN
The Colorado Convention Center is still an emergency care facility.
Evan Semón
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