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Reader: I Loved Colorado, Until I Didn't

A rare lonely moment in increasingly crowded Colorado.
A rare lonely moment in increasingly crowded Colorado. Kenzie Bruce
According to recent studies, a large percentage of transplants to the state of late are rich — or as they might prefer, "comfortable." But a new analysis by United Van Lines shows that influx of well-heeled transplants and the skyrocketing high cost of living is also inspiring residents to leave Colorado.

United Van Lines stats from 2021, the most recent year for which information is available, showed that nearly half of those who moved to Colorado that year — 47.89 percent — had incomes of $150,000 or more. Meanwhile, more people with incomes between $0 and $49,999, as well as $50,000 to $74,999, left Colorado than came here.

In their 700-plus comments on the Westword Facebook post of the Colorado comings-and-goings story, readers share plenty of thoughts. Says Jessica: 
Born and raised in Colorado. I loved Colorado until I didn’t, and moved to Kansas. Not regretting the move at all, watching how Colorado is losing all of its charm.
Adds Mike:
Left over a year ago. The cost, the number of people and the lack of water drove us out. Best choice I ever made.
Recalls Donnie:
 I had to leave Denver almost six years ago because I couldn't afford even the smallest apartment on a fixed income. I had been there 34 years and was hoping to spend the rest of my life there. Denver strived to become a world-class city, and along with it came world-class prices!
Counters Stacey: 
 These attitudes make me so sad. It definitely makes me look at Coloradans a lot different. Visitors and newbies are wrong for trashing things there, but these attitudes are ugly. Instead of making people feel like all Coloradoans are stuck up jerks, maybe there's another solution?

I'm from Colorado, just happen to live somewhere else now. But I'll be back.
Comments Tay:
Leaving at the end of this year. Can’t wait. Although we have only been here eleven years, Denver is a vastly different place…not in a good way.

Explains September:
That's because all the California liberals are coming here to destroy. That's what they do. They ruin where they are voting in more taxes and stupid laws, then when it doesn't work they leave and bring the stupidness with them.
Replies Keith: 
In the 60s, there were bumpers stickers saying: "Don’t Californicate Colorado." Well, it is here now!!
Comments Alan: 
Need to have housing protection for natives. The one thing that makes me laugh about all these transplants who come here and wreck everything is that the pre-weed, Coloradans are the ones who created this place for them to move to and thrive. They act like they own the place.

Now that they are driving the prices up, so much culture and so many people are being forced out, because they don't have the tools to adapt at this fast pace. In the past few years, I've watched my diverse neighborhood in southwest Denver be practically white washed by transplants. It's sickening. LoHi...this isn't the Hamptons or South Beach. This is the wild West. We don't call it how we see it, we call it like it is.

I never in my life had to make reservations to go up to the mountain parks for just a few hours. That's all changed. The trails are trashed, thanks to all the transplants, and the sides of the roads are worse. Now I see why regions like the Midwest, parts of the East Coast, Florida and Texas are all dumps. No respect for the places they live in. And I say this as a Southern Colorado Ute. So bite me.
Responds Marc:
Well said, and I like the part that stated how you and the other originals built this place for outsiders to move to, enjoy and thrive. Now they act like they own the place, because they do own the place...and that’s the point of the article. Make something amazing and affordable and people from all over will come and put down roots. For many, these roots are an invasive species; for others, this what happens when their home state has so much to offer.

I love sky high Colorado, and I am not leaving!
Concludes Jenn:
Bye, y’all! If you can’t find happiness in Colorado, I wish the best for you.
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