Colorado Inside Out makes it a three-peat at Heartland Emmys

Every year for the past decade, Colorado Inside Out, the weekly Colorado Public Television public-affairs show on which I'm a regular, takes a trip back in time. And for the last three years, those journeys have been awarded with a regional Emmy -- including one announced Saturday night.

This particular time-travel show took the cast back to 1935, when the big events of the day were the Depression and the Dust Bowl. I played Helen Bonfils, the socialite who by then had become the publisher of her father's newspaper, and thanks to great performances by the rest of the players and the hard-working production staff, led by producer Dominic Dezzutti and history buff Larry Patchett, this show still won a Heartland Emmy.

The previous year's show, set in 1959, was also a winner, as was the 1858 incarnation; all awards were in the "interview/discussion program/segment" category.

The time-travel shows are always filmed in advance of the Fourth of July weekend, so that hard-working staff can take a break. This year, we traveled back to 1951, and I played Ethel Merman, the Broadway star who actually took on the unlikely role of Denver housewife in the '50s, when she was married to Robert Six, president of Continental Airlines.

Do not expect any awards for that performance.

Find the complete list of Heartland Emmy winners, including many Denver honorees, here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.