Colorado marijuana makes the cover of High Times: Dank goodness!

The Cannabis Therapy Institute's Cannabis Holiday Health Fair, slated for Sunday, December 13, at the Holiday Inn, 4849 Bannock Street, will feature an unlikely autograph session -- one that should guarantee High Times for all.

The February issue of the venerable pro-pot magazine features a six-page spread on medical marijuana in our fair state -- a piece plugged on the cover by the headline "Colorado's Marijuana Mountain." In addition, the cover plant was grown by local boy Zack Volk, a medical marijuana patient with myasthenia gravis.

According to CTI spokeswoman Laura Kriho, Volk will sign advance copies of the edition, as will attorney Rob Corry and other people featured in the piece. And that's not the only noteworthy event on tap.

As Patricia Calhoun noted yesterday, Denver city councilman Charlie Brown plans to attend the fair. In contrast, Senator Chris Romer, the author of new legislation intended to regulate the medical marijuana industry, has yet to accept his invitation. But attendees will still be able to share their views with him whether he graces the bash with his presence or not.

"Since Senator Romer won't show up, we'll have a video camera set up for people to videotape messages for him," Kriho says.

In addition, there'll be a contest among exhibitors for the best medical marijuana handout -- "That way, we won't have to come up with any literature for the event," Kriho notes, laughing -- as well as a series of "patients choice" awards.

Still, the High Times issue may be the biggest coup, as well as yet another indication that Weed Nation currently considers Colorado to be the Great Green Hope for legalization.

"That's Colorado medicine on the cover," Kriho points out -- and from CTI's perspective, it's good for what ails you.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.