Colorado podcasters, unite and take over

If you're a Denver-area podcaster -- or someone looking to start a podcast or even just interested in the medium -- head down to the Wynkoop tomorrow night and meet some of your fellow 'casters. There's no real agenda beyond the group's general purpose of "lively discussion, hands on practice and sharing of new tricks of the trade." Organizer Kit Seeborg says the future may bring some more targeted events -- sessions of how to add podcasting to existing websites and a start-to-finsih demo of video podcasting with portable devices are two topics she hopes to tackle soon. But until then, it's just an informal get together. "Right now, it's more meeting of minds over dinner and a beer," she says.

While the group has been around for a while -- their Meetup.com page says they've done 52 of these meet-ups so far -- Seeborg says it's a friendly group and there are always new faces, so newcomers needn't feel intimidated. If you'd like to attend, please RSVP here -- and if you're a Colorado podcaster, leave your info in the comments so we can check out your 'cast!

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