Reader: No One's Blaming the Guns, They're Blaming Easy Access

A video Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario posted on Facebook defending guns is stirring debate.
A video Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario posted on Facebook defending guns is stirring debate.
Debates about guns and access to them continues more than a week after the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left seventeen students and staff dead. And in Colorado, home to the most infamous school shooting in modern history, the debates feel especially personal.

Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario posted a video on Facebook February 19 in which he argues that blaming guns for school shootings just doesn't make sense. He likens the issue to car accidents.

"Let’s talk about vehicle crashes," he says in the clip, which was originally posted on February 19. "About 25,000 people a year are killed because of motor-vehicle crashes, but you don’t hear anybody blaming the vehicle. We blame the driver. We have burglaries. Do we blame the locks on the doors? No, we blame the criminal. Bank robbers — we don’t blame the bank or the vault or the money or the teller. We blame the criminal."

Readers had plenty to say in response.

Ben says:

If guns are like cars as Sheriff Jethro says then all we need is gun permits, gun licensing, gun registration, gun liability gun insurance, and cup holders!
Monica argues:

A criminal without a firearm, is less dangerous than a criminal with an assault rifle!
Ronda explains:

Is this how smart our law enforcement really are? No wonder the drug war failed and we have so many mass shootings done by people who have been reported to police over and over and over and over and over. Can you say duh?
Justin notes:

Well a lock is not designed to kill people. A gun is designed to destroy what ever is on the business end of the barrel without discrimination. Sure it’s a person who chooses what is on the other end of the barrel but the only purpose of a gun is destroy what is on the other end of the barrel.
Joshua argues:

Exactly! The real problem is the demented human mind!!! People have been killing each other for centuries with other things other than guns lol. Wake up people!
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