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Readers: People Still Come to Colorado to Do Better, Be Better, Live Better

The Chalk Art Festival is back in Larimer Square.
The Chalk Art Festival is back in Larimer Square. Brandon Marshall
It's a beautiful late spring day in Colorado, a good time to get to one of the festivals in town or head to open space, where you can stop, smell the wild roses and forget the challenges of living in Denver: growing traffic problems; rising rents and home prices, salaries that don't keep pace. Because despite all the changes, readers say the reasons they moved here remain...and that there are still ways to make it work. Says Keith:

I moved to Denver in 1981, five years into a boom period. Seven of us shared a three-bedroom apartment. Cost of living high then and pay was low, but we made it work. Thirty-six years later and I have always said that moving to Colorado was the best thing I've ever done. Living the dream! People still come here for the same reason I did: a chance to do better, be better, live better. It will happen if you work for it. Thank you, Colorado!
Adds Scott: 
Everything in life is about choices. That's it. If you can't afford to live here, you move to Texas, or Iowa, or Idaho. I don't live in New York City even though that's where I want to live. You can't stop the economy or make someone pay you more. If you are experienced and really good at what you do, maybe you don't need a salary, maybe you need to start your own company. Then you can pay yourself what you want.
Concludes Chris: 
This city and state have so much beauty and serenity. A lot of people from other big cities can't and won't appreciate it here....I drive around and still say out loud from pure joy, "I can't believe I'm in f**king Colorado."
Why do you live in Colorado? What will you be doing today? Keep reading for some suggestions.

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