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Reader: Denver's Cost of Living Has Gotten Ridiculous!

Denver is one of the best cities in the country for finding a job, according to Nerdwallet. But you'll need several jobs in order to afford the Mile High City's sky-high cost of living, according to several of our readers. Says Mindy: 
Both my hubby and I are teachers, coach on the side and are involved in extra-curricular activities to get some extra $. It's really hard to find a good-paying second job while teaching full-time. We rent a basement and want to save for a house, which is almost impossible right now. Not to mention, school budgets are decreasing and we're having to pay for more supplies ourselves now.
Adds Jamie: 
The cost of living here in Denver has gotten ridiculous!! Between me and my boyfriend, we are working three jobs and still living paycheck to paycheck! Would love to get engaged (been together seven years) but with the cost of rent on top of taking care of our son, it's just not looking possible. I'm a native who was born and grew up here, but with the costs of living here, it seems a better idea to move to another place with more ideal living costs.
But then there's this from Regina:

Unfortunately, this is a trend in any major city and some not-so-major cities. I was debating moving but prices are extremely high everywhere, not just here. It sucks that we live in a world where you need four jobs just to scrape by....this is the reason people want a living wage!!!
How do you think Denver's cost of living compares to that of other cities? What are you doing to get by in Denver?
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