Colorado summer vacation pre-Memorial Day mascot final exam: Kenny Be's Pop Quiz

It's been two weeks since the Discover Colorado Rally -- plenty of time for all Colorado summer vacation planners to have studied up for today's pop quiz. Provide the name and attraction associated with each of the mascots pictured below... Feeling stumped?

For persons who need a little extra help, click on the above photo to open it in a new window, and then click to the page below for helpful hints in identifying each mascot... 1. This mascot wears an orange life preserver.

2. This mascot critter would be trapped and relocated if found at the attraction for which he is the symbol.

3. This mascot's hat is the tell.

4. Daily "Spineless Spotlight" performances at this attraction teach visitors how females cannibalize their husbands after mating.

5. This state mascot wears a hunter's orange safety vest.

6. Trendy revolving exhibits at this attraction help to determine the annual mascot costume selection of pirate, mummy, cadaver, etc.

7. This slobbering mascot likes to sniff fans' crotches.

8. This mascot represents the only attraction in Colorado where exhibits can be eaten.

9. & 10. The apron is not a chef's apron, it is a communist's apron.

11. You will live in Colorado for 62 years before going to her house.

12. This mascot's trunk attracts tourists looking for a good man-ball drill.

13. This mascot is an animal for for Power Point presentations.

The answers are listed below... Answers for mascot name and Colorado Attraction:

1. Larry, the Colorado State Parks eagle-eyed boating safety inspector.

2. Digger, the marmot from the Botanic Gardens.

3. Spike the dog, representing the Colorado Railroad Museum.

4. Playing Mantis, the mascot from the Butterfly Pavilion.

5. Muzzleloader, the bighorn sheep from the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

6. Pirate, the intern from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

7. Bernie, the St. Bernard mascot for the Colorado Avalanche.

8. Lunchable, the shark from the Downtown Aquarium.

9. & 10. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, extras from the Matt Stone and Trey Parker movie, Team America.

11. Molly Brown House volunteer in a vintage lime green dress that is an exact replica of the style and color favored by high-society matrons in the late victorian era.

12. Wooly, the Colorado Mammoth.

13. Blue Bear, the window peeping mascot that also looks like a blue cougar.

Determine your score by the number of correct answers:

1-3: You need to get out more.

4-6: Well beyond the Royal Gorge and Seven Falls level of Colorado Tourism.

7-9: You are ready to sign up for a 3-day bike ride through Colorado wine country.

10-12: You probably attended the Governor's 2010 Colorado Tourism Conference in Snowmass Village from September 29 to October 1.

13 correct answers? You need to get out more.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.