Colorado's Minimum Wage Going Up 23 Cents -- Here's What That Gets You

While protests continue around the country to raise the minimum wage, starting on January 1, 2015 Colorado's minimum-wage workers will earn 23 cents more an hour. Under calculations now part of state law, the minimum wage will increase to $8.23 an hour -- which means people who work an eight-hour day will have an extra $1.84 in their pocket.

In honor of the new minimum wage, here are five things you can get for $1.84 or less.

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5) Stamps First-class stamps have also gone up, and are now 49 cents. You can get three first-class stamps for $1.47. Mail in a bill, write to a friend, send a thank-you note. You'll have 37 cents to spare. 4) Chapstick One ChapStick flavored lip balm costs $1.37. Don't lose it. 3) Smokes The average retail price of a pack of twenty cigarettes is $4.90, according to the American Lung Association. With your raise, you can afford seven cigarettes. Keep reading for two more things you can buy for less than $1.84. 2) Denver Post A copy of the Denver Post will set you back $1.50. (Remember, Westword is still free.) 1) Coffee A small coffee of the day at Dazbog coffee is $1.80 before tax. No charge for the sugar. Have a tip? E-mail editorial@westword.com.

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