Colorado's puppies and kitties at risk after Amendment 54 ruling

Yesterday, Judge Catherine A. Lemon granted a temporary injunction against Amendment 54, a measure passed by Colorado voters in 2008 that makes it illegal for any entity that gets a six-figure or higher no-bid government contract to make donations to candidates or political parties -- and according to satirical advertisements the Denver Metro Young Republicans produced in support of 54 around the last election, our state's adorable pets will suffer the consequences. Last November, DMYR reps upset by what they saw as illogical ads opposing 54 and two other amendments, 47 and 49, decided to come up with equally absurd salvos representing the other side of the issue. Hence, the ad above, as well as one claiming that a vote against the initiatives will "make kittens across Colorado sad. Very sad." Just like supporters of 54 are feeling right now.

To see the kitten ad, click "Continue."

The small-print copy in the kitten ad reads:

"Kittens are soft and fuzzy and cute, and perform essential mousing services and provide a sense of warmth and good feeling in our lives. If kittens are sad, they can't do any of these valuable things.

"Out of state Big Labor wants you to vote against Amendments 47, 49 and 54. But if you do, you'll be making kittens across Colorado sad. Very sad. So sad they just might cry.

"Don't make Colorado's kittens cry!"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.