Phillip Garnier. Additional images below.
Phillip Garnier. Additional images below.
El Paso County Sheriff's Office

Colorado's Top 17 Most Wanted Sex Offenders — and the Capture of No. 18

Phillip Garnier was placed at number eighteen on Colorado's most recent list of its 100 most wanted sex offenders.

But he won't be there for much longer — and the reason's not a good one from his perspective.

Garnier was arrested in Colorado Springs early on Wednesday, August 26, after a tipster alerted law enforcers that he was in a local motel. At first, he refused to come out — but the Colorado Springs Police Department's K-9 unit managed to change his mind.

Other changes have taken place on the most-wanted list since our previous Colorado sex offenders roundup, published in May. For example, Shane Davis, who had been on view at number five, was designated as "In Compliance" a few months back. But that's ancient history now: He's apparently out of compliance, and back in the top ten.

Count down the seventeen most wanted sex offenders ahead of Garnier, complete with photos and information about their offenses. If you have any information about their whereabouts, you're encouraged to phone 1.800-222-TIPS (8477).

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