Comic strip mash-ups save money, double the funny: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Instead of cutting entire comic strips and losing more readers the Denver Post could save space (and money) by splicing together different strips to create comic cut-ups that are immensely more funny... Doonesbury and Peanuts are both popular strips with loyal readers. The characters of each would enjoy limitless new possibilities, and the Denver Post could save space if the two comics ran in a single comic cut-up called Doonesbury Peanuts. Another idea: Perhaps the characters of Blondie and Beetle Bailey could finally be made aware of their age-old codependency issues if the two strips were combined into a single comic cut-up called Blondie Beetle Bailey... Below, grouping grumpiness, corralling the cats into a single hissy-fit strip, and injecting new life into Family Circus. All of the grumpy old guy comic strips could be combined to create a strip that would be as popular as the Golden Girls TV show. It could be called Golden Boys. Or better yet, the comic characters' names could be combined into the aptly titled Drabble Pickles Crankshaft Pluggers... Along those lines, Garfield Get Fuzzy doubles up the cat-fight fun and helps the Denver Post save space and money. To get even more bang for their buck, Denver Post editors could combine all of the cat characters featured in the funny pages into a single cat-comic cut-up called Rose Is Rose Garfield Get Fuzzy Mutts Marmaduke. The saccharine sweetness of Family Circus could also be combined with the lackadaisical morbidity of Close To Home to create a comic cut-up called Family Circus Close To Home... More from our Kenny Be/Comics archive: "Dead bin Laden party favors help lift economic recovery: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario."

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