Commenters mostly laugh off Jared Polis' beer-bonging

Representative Jared Polis beat Doug Lamborn and Betsy Markey to the healthcare-town-hall punch, staging a session on Monday. Not that the event got much attention. After all, that evening, Polis starred in the first "Even Better-er Know a District" segment on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, during which he and host Stephen Colbert took turns sucking Coors Light from a beer bong.

Yes, it was hilarious -- but it also risked setting off a backlash in politically correct Boulder, the home of renowned party school CU, for glamorizing irresponsible drinking games. Thus far, however, Polis seems to have skirted such censure, at least judging by the comments affixed to the Boulder Daily Camera's piece about his Colbert spot. A few readers griped that his healthcare bash hadn't earned more attention, while others used the bit as an excuse for typical partisan griping. For instance, s4burf wrote, "Pole-less is a publicity stunt waiting to happen. He fancies himself a starlet, not a hard working rep of the people. Total jerk." Nonetheless, the majority of surfers gave him props for good humor. Buzz wrote, "He was a better sport than I probably would have been; good for Rep Polis," with jbird adding, "Funny as h3ll."

Still, there was one snippet of criticism, from a poster named blacksho89, that truly cut to the quick: "I thought gay men had better taste than to drink Coors Light...."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.