Comments on Rocky Mountain News' obese-women-have-sex report funnier than the article itself

Sir Mix-A-Lot understands the appeal of a little extra "back."

The October 30 Rocky Mountain News article "Many Obese Women Sexually Active, Study Finds" isn't quite as stupid as the moronic headline placed on it. The piece doesn't begin and end with the assertion that women considered to be medically overweight have sex -- just as do women who are medically under-weight and in the technically normal weight range. Researchers in Colorado, Oregon and Hawaii discovered that plus-size women have more sex than their slenderer sisters; 92 percent of obese women are sexually active, as opposed to 87 percent of those with so-called normal body mass.

Already thinking of a rude remark about this discrepancy? You're not alone. As of this morning, the Rocky's piece had attracted nearly a hundred comments, the vast majority of which are as politically incorrect as can be. Some examples:

"You know why that is, it's because fat chicks are easier."

"That's why I hang out at McDonalds. Supersize me!"

"My wife (we've been married for 26+ years) is "plus-sized" and... well, if I continue the RMN purity squad will "remove" me. ;-)"

"These women should all be praising the invention of alcohol."

"More more more cushion for the pushin."

"Watch out for them Buffalo chicks up at the Gold Pan in Breck this winter... After a few shots of Jager, its all downhill from there..."

"What's the old joke? 'Roll 'em in flour and look for the damp spot.'"

"In addition to having more soda, pizza, fries, cheeseburgers etc. They have more sex. They not only have their cake and eat it too, they go back for seconds and thirds."

"What's wrong with big ladies? I am a huge fan. . .and I mean HUGE, baby!!!"

"Why is everyone so defensive about guys who like to do a bit of bouncing with their slinkies? I'm a normal guy. I have a normal job, and I have normal friends. But I can't help it. I like big ladies. I also watch (a lot of) porn, have a bit of a fetish for socks with little dingo balls and sometimes dress as my aunt. There's nothing wrong with that."

Granted, not everyone got into the naughty spirit. One commenter wrote, "RMN -- you guys post some retarded articles. How is this news? Of course fat chicks have sex! Do we really need... a study to be done to prove that? What's next? 'Scientists Discover That World is Flat'[?] Way to go, guys! Keep up the groundbreaking research!!" But the posts as a whole stand as a different kind of press commentary -- the type where the public makes its voice heard via good-natured ridicule and dirty wisecracks. Baby got back. -- Michael Roberts

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