Cops: Adam Hirtle Shot Himself in the Foot to See How It Felt

A lot of us are curious about dangerous things, but we stop short of trying them out in order not to do harm to ourselves.

But Adam Hirtle is apparently an exception to that rule.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, Hirtle fired a bullet into his own foot because he wanted to know what it'd feel like.

Don't know if he also wondered what it would feel like to be charged with crimes — but he's experiencing that, too.

An old MySpace page sports two photos of Hirtle — the pic above and this image:

In addition, the photo gallery includes a shot that's even more appropriate to the current subject:

We don't know if Hirtle used this particular rifle to aerate his foot, since the Colorado Springs Police blotter item pertaining to him doesn't mention the type of weapon he used. But it contains other pertinent details.

Last night, June 10, at around 7:02 p.m., the blotter notes, a CSPD officer was dispatched to a local hospital to investigate what's described as a "reported accidental discharge gunshot wound to the foot."

This call didn't prove to be entirely accurate — at least as far as the "accidental" part went, anyway.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, the officer chatted with Hirtle, who conceded that he'd shot himself in the foot while in his garage — although not right away. First, he took off his boot and shot that. Then he put the boot back on and fired again.

As for the motivation, the report says "he wanted to know what it felt like to be shot." 

He knows now — and he'll also get an education in the legal system. Despite the fact that he didn't sustain a life-threatening injury and no one else was hurt, he's been arrested on suspicion of a prohibited use of weapons, reckless endangerment and child abuse, presumably because one or more kids were in the vicinity.

That's a heavy price to pay for curiosity.

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