Cory Voorhis-Stephanie Villafuerte music video: Colorado's a "State of Corruption"

Update, 9:10 a.m.: Appeared on Peter Boyles' morning show moments ago -- and he told me some viewers thought the photo of me in the video above was actually "the Romanian" who allegedly threatened Governor Bill Ritter's life. For the record, I'm Italian and am too much of a pussycat to threaten anyone. To get more context, read on.

Over the better part of a week, KHOW's Peter Boyles has devoted a significant amount of airtime to the mystery surrounding a video pertaining to the firing of former ICE agent Cory Voorhis and the failed U.S. Attorney nomination on behalf of onetime Bill Ritter associate Stephanie Villafuerte.

Now, at last, we're getting a look at the results above -- and they're mighty odd, to say the least.

The anonymous videomaker uses Johnny Cash's "Gods Gonna Cut You Down" and "State of Corruption," a tweaked version of, believe it or don't, Barry McGuire's "Eve of Destruction" (complete with Voorhis-Villafuerte-related lyrics) as a backdrop for a montage of images, including a dissolve from Colorado First Lady Jeannie Ritter to Villafuerte that clearly references those still swirling (and confirmation-free) affair rumors. There are also shots of numerous media figures, including yours truly, courtesy of a family photo of me blowing away dandelion seeds that I provided to the Denver PR Blog.

Not sure what it all adds up to, but with Voorhis's hearing before the Merit Systems Protection Board slated for Wednesday and Thursday, it certainly is timely. To read the brief about scheduling, click here -- and look below to see a note from Voorhis inviting folks to watch as he attempts to get his old job back.


My MSPB hearing will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, January 27 & 28, 2010, beginning at 0900 hours each day. The hearing will be held at:

Byron G. Rogers U.S. Courthouse Courtroom C502 1929 Stout Street Denver, CO 80294

The hearing is open to any and all members of the public.


Cory Voorhis

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