Country Club cabbage seeds grow faster than money trees: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Even though household incomes in the Country Club neighborhood are three times higher than the citywide average, money does not grow on trees for residents there. The privileged citizens who live west of the Cherry Creek shopping district grow their money the old-fashioned way -- by sowing plenty of Country Club cabbage seed... As illustrated above, Country Club cabbage is a poverty-resistant variety that forms cabbage rolls of tightly packed one-hundred dollar bills. Perfect, round heads average about 22 ounces. Very solid interior of smooth leaves with a crisp texture that spends quickly and easily in the finer stores of the Cherry Creek Mall.

Garden Hints: Avoid planting in areas outside of tall masonry walls. Great performer on properties that are adjacent to the greens of the Denver Country Club. For larger rolls of bills, plant 24" apart. Space them closer at 18" for family friendly "allowance" sizes.

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Kenny Be
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