COVID-19: Focus on the Family Declared an Outbreak Site

Focus on the Family is located at 8605 Explorer Drive in Colorado Springs.
Focus on the Family is located at 8605 Explorer Drive in Colorado Springs. Google Maps
Focus on the Family, arguably Colorado's best-known religious institution, now has another distinction: It's been declared a COVID-19 outbreak.

Also on the updated August 26 list of outbreaks catalogued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment are the first K-12 schools to appear on the roster (though several others have had to institute quarantine procedures), as well as a pair of Home Depots, a division of the Colorado Springs Police Department and more.

The CDPHE considers an entity an outbreak after two or more COVID-19 cases among residents, staffers or the like are confirmed within a fourteen-day period, or two or more cases of respiratory illness with an onset of symptoms within a fourteen-day period are paired with at least one additional COVID-19 diagnosis.

While statewide cases of the novel coronavirus have remained low in recent weeks compared to previous spikes, the pace of outbreaks has not been decreased. On August 26, the CDPHE added 29 outbreaks, the same number it added on August 19, and just one less than the number listed on August 12. All told, Colorado has experienced 590 outbreaks since the start of the pandemic.

The CDPHE upgraded its website last week, and some of those changes are reflected in outbreak data. Instead of a single running tally, the department now separately lists active cases (currently 156) and those that have been designated as resolved (434). Of the 29 new cases, 28 are ongoing, while the inquiry into a Kit Carson County drilling business has already been wrapped up.

In addition to Focus on the Family, another Colorado Springs Christian facility, Rock Family Church, has been put on the outbreak list. So, too, has Battle Mountain High School in Eagle County and Compass Montessori in Jefferson County, both K-12 schools. The Home Depot outbreaks are tied to stores in Larimer and Eagle counties. The Sandcreek Division of the Colorado Springs Police Department has registered as many as eight infections, and a state prison in Fremont counts positive cases for both staffers and inmates. A pair of chain restaurant outlets — a Cracker Barrel in Adams County and an Olive Garden in Arapahoe County — are now on the list, as is West of Surrender, an eatery on the 16th Street Mall.

The biggest new outbreaks involve Arapahoe County's iLending DIRECT, which has notched as many as 22 staff cases, and Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, a rehab facility in Jefferson County, with four positive resident cases and up to 28 staff cases.

Here are this week's additions, along with the date when the outbreak was identified:
1. Azteca Painting, Active, Construction Company/Contractor, subcontract, Painting, Boulder County, 8/15/2020, 7 positive staff cases, 1 probable staff case
2. Battle Mountain High School, Active, School, K-12, Eagle County, 8/19/2020, 2 positive staff cases
3. Big Johnson Construction Site/4th Street Crossing, Active, Construction Site, Summit County, 8/22/2020, 3 positive staff cases
4. City Electric Supply, Active, Retailer, Business/Retail, Adams County, 8/25/2020, 3 positive staff cases
5. Colorado Springs Police Department (Sandcreek Division), Active, Law Enforcement Administration, El Paso County, 8/25/2020, 3 positive staff cases, 5 probable staff cases
6. Compass Montessori, Active, School, K-12, Jefferson County, 8/25/2020, 2 positive staff cases
7. Cracker Barrel, Active, Restaurant — Sit Down, Adams County, 8/25/2020, 4 positive staff cases
8. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health (10B549), Active, Healthcare — Rehab Facility, Jefferson County, 8/19/2020, 4 positive resident cases, 6 positive staff cases, 22 probable staff cases
9. Encompass Technologies, Active, Office/Indoor Workspace, Larimer County, 8/21/2020, 2 positive staff cases
10. Focus on the Family, Active, Other, Multifaceted Christian Ministry Organization, El Paso County, 8/21/2020, 3 positive staff cases, 1 probable staff case
11. Fremont Correctional Facility, Active, State Prison, Fremont County, 8/19/2020, 6 positive resident cases, 3 positive staff cases
12. The Home Depot, Active, Retailer, Eagle County, 8/19/2020, 4 positive staff cases
13. The Home Depot, Active, Retailer, Larimer County, 8/24/2020, 2 positive staff cases
14. iLending DIRECT, Active, Office/Indoor Workspace, Arapahoe County, 8/19/2020, 13 positive staff cases, 9 probable staff cases
15. Jump Start Early Learning Academy, Active, Child Care Center, Adams County, 8/24/2020, 2 positive staff cases
16. The Landings, Active, Construction Site, Pueblo County, 8/20/2020, 10 positive staff cases
17. Life Care Center of Colorado Springs (0205X1), Active, Healthcare — Skilled Nursing, El Paso County, 8/25/2020, 2 positive resident cases, 1 positive staff case
18. Metalwest, Active, Non-Food Manufacturer/Warehouse, Metal Manufacturer, Adams County, 8/25/2020, 2 positive staff cases
19. Midwest Farms: Farm 5, Active, Farm/Dairy, Kit Carson County, 8/21/2020, 2 positive staff cases
20. Olive Garden #1250, Active, Restaurant — Sit Down, Arapahoe County, 8/25/2020, 5 positive staff cases, 2 probable staff cases
21. Residence at Village Green LLC (23H136), Active, Healthcare — Assisted Living, El Paso County, 8/24/2020, 3 positive resident cases, 4 probable resident cases, 2 positive staff cases
22. Rock Family Church, Active, Religious Facility, El Paso County, 8/11/2020, 3 positive staff cases
23. Rocky Mountain Bow Strings, Active, Retailer, Rio Blanco County, 8/1/2020, 3 positive staff cases, 1 probable staff case
24. Schaal Drilling, Resolved, 8/23/2020, Other, Drilling Business, Kit Carson County, 7/29/2020, 2 positive staff cases, 1 probable staff case
25. Sky Ranch Horn Creek, Active, Other, Camp and Conference Center, Custer County, 8/21/2020, 4 positive staff cases, 12 positive attendee cases
26. Social Gathering — Ouray, Active, Social Gathering, Ouray County, 8/23/2020, 5 positive attendee cases, 2 probable attendee cases
27. Vision En Movimiento, Active, Fair/Festival/Temp. Mobile Event, One-day workshop, Denver County, 8/20/2020, 11 positive attendee cases, 2 probable attendee cases
28. Weld County DHS — Payment Assistance Unit, Active, Office/Indoor Workspace, Weld County, 8/8/2020, 5 positive staff cases
29. West of Surrender, Active, Bar/Tavern/Brewery, Denver County, 8/25/2020, 5 positive staff cases
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