Creepazoid allegedly trying to lure kids using puppy promises

Puppies: They're wonderful to hug. But cuddling up with the guy in Wheat Ridge who's been chatting up kids about them would be infinitely less enjoyable.

According to the Wheat Ridge Police Department, a middle-aged man has been asking girls ranging from seven to ten years old if they could help him find a lost puppy or would like to see one. This is their cue to run like hell, and then point out the perpetrator to the nearest adult they know. Get the disturbing details below:


Spends time at locations where children frequent

Wheat Ridge, Colorado -- In the past week and a half there have been three separate reports of a suspicious male enticing children to go with him. The suspect is possibly the same individual in all three incidents. The male approaches children with stories about a lost puppy or going to seeing one, or he asks personal questions about the child. No children have been hurt during these incidents. All of the victims so far have been 7 to 10 year old females.

The male is described as a tanned Caucasian male, 45-55 years of age, 5'10-6', thin build, with short or balding hair. The suspect has worn different clothing each time and no vehicle was seen. Children were approached at the following locations in the mid afternoon:

• 4300 block of Field Street -- residential area vacant lot

• 11700 block of W. 34th Avenue -- park by the restrooms

• 3900 block of Wadsworth Boulevard -- McDonald's Restaurant

Should children give an account of similar incidents, please report these to their local Police Department immediately. If anyone has information about this suspect please call the Wheat Ridge Police Department tip line at 303.235.2947. If you observe someone matching this description please do not approach them, call 911.

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