Crock Block

Memo to Crocs Inc.:

The Shoe Goddess wants her cut.

Back in 2005, when Westword was trying to explain the surging global sales of hideous, crayon-hued plastic shoes designed in Niwot, we availed ourselves of the professional insights of the Shoe Goddess, a clog connoisseur who was on a vain quest to find a pair of Crocs that didn't make her feet look like well-ventilated blunt instruments. At one point the Shoe Goddess remarked, "If they were really smart, they'd put sports insignia on them. You could buy a pair with a Broncos emblem on the strap button. Can you imagine the powerful sell that would be?"

Well, someone could. Yesterday Crocs announced licensing deals with the NFL and the NHL that will add team logos and colors to its ever-expanding product line of comfy-but-ugly shoes. This convergence of "active casual" footwear with the slobbiness of sport-branded clothing is bound to be as lucrative as it is inevitable — but still, the SG thought of it first, and she wants her piece of the action. You can send the check to my attention, and I promise she'll get it. -- Alan Prendergast

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