Crocs donates 100,000 pairs of shoes to Japanese earthquake & tsunami victims

We've made lotsa sport of Niwot-based Crocs, from a 2005 feature that included savage reviews by fashionistas to reports of what Alan Prendergast described as the "brightly hued, comfy-ugly clown shoes" being escalator unfriendly. So our first thought after hearing the company is donating 100,000 pairs to earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan was, "Haven't they suffered enough?"

Our second thought had more to do with self-hatred. The average person with no shoes in such a terrible situation would no doubt be thrilled to take advantage of the company's largesse -- and besides, our own Jef Otte describes the firm's spring line of footwear as "slightly less hideous" than previous iterations.

To make amends, we're sharing this press release touting Crocs' contribution. May the shoes make beneficiaries feel much better than we do about ourselves right now...

Crocs, Inc. Donates 100,000 Pairs of Shoes to Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

Shoes to be distributed to those most in need

NIWOT, COLORADO -- March 29, 2010 -- Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX) today announced that it has donated 100,000 pairs of shoes to Feed The Children and other organizations, which will work to distribute to those hardest hit by the recent earthquake and resulting tsunami. Crocs is also orchestrating ways for consumers to donate at Crocs retail stores and online at, with proceeds benefiting the Japanese Red Cross Society. These donations are part of the corporate social responsibility program Crocs Cares, in which the company seeks to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

The Japan donation is not the first time Crocs has helped impoverished communities in the aftermath of natural disasters. After last year's earthquake in Haiti, Crocs sent 80,000 pairs of shoes in addition to water, food and emergency medical supplies. The extra provisions were sent to the people of Haiti with the help of Feed the Children, a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid to people around the world.

"Donating 100,000 pairs of shoes is the least we can do to help mitigate the enormous devastation that's resulted from the earthquake and tsunami," said John McCarvel, Crocs president and chief executive officer. "We have Crocs employees, wholesale partners and many loyal customers in Japan, and we're honored to be able to assist at a time when the Japanese people need our help the most."

The shoe donation follows a recent Crocs gift of $20,000 to The Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado. The funds were raised by Crocs employees over the 2010 holiday season and were given to the hospital during a donation ceremony in February. In December, Crocs also donated 25,000 pairs of shoes to a number of Colorado nonprofits, including Volunteers of America, Mental Health Corporation of Denver and Airline Ambassadors, which provides humanitarian aid to children and families in need as well as relief and development to under-privileged communities worldwide.

Additional information about the Crocs Caressm program and local and global initiatives can be found at

About Crocs, Inc.

A world leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women and children, Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX), offers several distinct shoe collections with more than 250 styles to suit every lifestyle. As lighthearted as they are lightweight, Crocs™ footwear provides profound comfort and support for any occasion and every season. All Crocs™ branded shoes feature Croslite™ material, a proprietary, revolutionary technology that produces soft, non-marking, and odor-resistant shoes that conform to your feet.

Crocs™ products are sold in 129 countries. Every day, millions of Crocs™ shoe lovers around the world enjoy the exceptional form, function, versatility and feel-good qualities of these shoes while at work, school and play.

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