CU-Denver accidental shooting: Now ex-staffer trying to unjam gun when it fired

Update: A University of Colorado staffer who accidentally fired a shot on campus last week, injuring herself and a colleague, is no longer employed by the university. A police report from the incident reveals that the ex-worker, Mary Beth Loeb, was showing her coworkers her handgun, and trying to unjam it, when she accidentally fired a bullet that ricocheted and hit another woman.

As we noted in our coverage, on view below, the incident is especially noteworthy, because it appears to be the first accidental discharge of a gun on a Colorado campus by someone with the proper permit since the Colorado State Supreme Court ordered CU to allow such individuals to bring guns on campus.

As the police report confirms, Loeb had a Concealed Handgun Permit.

The lengthy report, from the University of Colorado Denver Police Department, says Loeb, a financial business manager for the School of Dental Medicine, had reported to police a suspicious person who appeared to be following her. In that case, no one was located or contacted. And because of recent incidents of theft on campus, as well as violence near her home, she had acquired a handgun, Loeb told police.

She was telling coworkers about her possible stalker when she decided to show them the handgun. However, the weapon got jammed and while trying to fix it, a shot was fired.

When police arrived, the small .22 caliber handgun was sitting on top of a filing cabinet near Loeb and had not yet been unloaded.

Continue for more of our update about the shooting incident on the Anschutz Medical Campus.
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