CU gun-ban violators' hottest looks for packing heat: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Page down to find the latest back-to-campus clothing tips for Colorado University students who are having trouble fitting concealed weapons into their trendy form-fitting fashions... 1. Leg warmers (left) make a comeback as the perfect autumn accessory to wear with skinny jeans and flip-flops, and for concealing a handgun, 2. Guys who like rocking the Reverse Papa Smurf floppy knit cap look (right) will have a secure hiding place for their campus semi-automatic pistol. 3. Traditionally a symbol of Mideast terrorists, the neck scarf (left) now conceals weapons for students who want to stop campus terrorists. 4. With today's figure-flattering fashions, often the only place to wear a concealed weapon is inside of the soles of platform shoes.

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