Cydney Payton Challenge: Tricia Hoke

Cydney Payton is the city's reigning art matriarch. And how lucky we are, because Payton's no stodgy old maven. No, the executive director of the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver loves Manolo Blahniks and red lipstick, wishes she could meet Miuccia Prada, is listening to TV on the Radio, and even once had big hair. At least that's what she tells us in her style Q&A with Cat.

So Cat invited Payton to judge a very special Cat's Pajamas challenge as part of the Tamarac Square Fashion Project. Eight of the competing designers accepted the task of sketching a museum-opening outfit for Payton. Over the next eight days Cat will post their designs for you all to judge and comment on. And on Wednesday, April 25, Cat will announce Payton's choice on the Fashion Project runway.

The winning designer will receive accommodations at the Adam's Mark Hotel, dinner for two, theater tickets, tickets to see Peace Project, the new exhibit at MCA, and a brief meeting with Payton herself.

Let's start with Tricia Hoke.

Artist's Statement:

In my sketch the dress is in browns, dark blues and oranges. The colors reminded me of the mountains at night, and the orange sash is the color of the font on the MCA/D website. The stripes evoke the feeling of the windows.

That being said, the outfit would look amazing in all one color, or all one color with an orange sash. (My preferences being orange, blue or black... I’m not a bronco fan, I just like the colors orange and blue.)

All of the pieces in the outfit are made of thin fabrics for layering, and each of the pieces would look good together in multiple combinations or by themselves with a pair of jeans, which is key in my book.

The skirt has amazingly huge pockets, and the striped underdress is tied in the back. The heart on the vest is just my favorite icon to use on clothing, but a star or a circle would also look nice. And since it’s a cutout, it would standout even if worn over just a simple white blouse.

So many times people commission me for an outfit and it can only be worn once for one occasion, but I like seeing my stuff in the everyday. As such, I would like to see this not only as a fancy-schmancy outfit (which fabric choice can care of) but also as one that can transfer into everyday clothing just by switching up the layers and combinations. I like it when clothing can transform itself into more practical/wearable combinations with out loosing the avant-garde/creative touch.

Note from Cat: The hand-drawn image that Cydney will receive had additional sketching and detailing on the sides, but they had to be cropped out for space constraints here.

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Amy Haimerl