D-Backs continue to own the Rockies and Chloe gets more press

♫ It's Friday, Friday ♫

Colorado Rockies blog Purple Row drills down into why the D-Backs have been bullying the Rockies for some time now: "Know Your Foe #34: Surprising D-Backs Hope to Continue Haunting Inconsistent Rockies."

Thrillist has a bloggy take on the new lounge Chloe: "LoDo gets all lounge-y."

Post columnist Lynn Bartels interviews former U.S. Senator Wayne Allard, who defends lobbyists. "From my experience, if you took the lobbyists out of Washington you'd be in trouble," Allard said Thursday. "The only people that would be talking to you would be the bureaucracy. Anybody in here comfortable hearing from just the bureaucracy?" Read "Wayne Allard: In defense of lobbyists."

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