Dan Savage talks sex, It Gets Better campaign and more sex on Nightline (VIDEO)

The mainstream love for Dan Savage, our longtime sex columnist, continues apace. Patricia Calhoun recently noted Savage's appearance in Time magazine -- and last night, he got the Nightline treatment.

Even better: While the segment highlighted his brilliant It Gets Better campaign, the majority of the conversation focused on boinking.

Witness Bill Weir's introduction, which uses the sort of lingo that's mighty rare on network television.

"What can a gay man teach a straight woman about enjoying sex?" Weir asked. "Well, if Dan Savage is any indication, a lot, really. He is a columnist who's made a career out of talking about the torque and hydraulics of copulation with the level of detail you'd expect from a mechanic."

Well, he does encourage responsible use of tools. Check out the entire clip below:

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