Dancing with the stars of Denver Mayor's race: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

The antiquated mayoral forum is a terrible framework to learn about the unique talents of Denver's current 16 candidates. Michael Forrester, Doug Linkhart, James Mejia and Theresa Spahn prove that the ballroom dance competition would be a far more captivating way to interest entertainment-savvy voters. While the couples above demonstrate their political styles through waltz, Chris Romer and Michael Hancock would rather swing... It's always hard to tell which candidate is leading when Chris Romer and Michael Hancock start to dance. The fun is sure to begin when these two start to swing. Below, out-of-this-world Jeff Peckman is transported by his partner onto the dance floor.. With his numerous peace initiatives, meditation ordinances and extraterrestrial-affairs edicts, Jeff Peckman has always had a knack for kicking up some fun at election time. As a ballroom bonus, voters can expect that Jeff will engage in a spirited word tango with Eric Zinn. Below, Carol Boigon goes out on a limbo... Dancing with the Denver Mayoral Candidate stars is a competition that promises some real surprises. As seen above, fancy footwork would really put some spring into the political platforms of Carol Boigon and Dwight Henson.

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