An old Myspace photo of Darren Auger. Additional images and more below.
An old Myspace photo of Darren Auger. Additional images and more below.

Darren Auger Busted for Sex Assault After Tinder Date Goes to Hell

The Tinder phone app has helped bring a lot of couples together.

But not every right swipe is, well, the right swipe.

The arrest affidavit naming Darren Auger — it's on view below in its entirety — is a case in point. What began as a perfectly pleasant get-together ended with anger, profanity and a sexual assault charge.

Auger's old Myspace page still lingers online, and the photo gallery features shots like the one above, as well as a formal military portrait.

Darren Auger in uniform.
Darren Auger in uniform.

We don't know what image Auger used on Tinder, but it was apparently beguiling enough to earn a positive response from a local woman on June 2.

She told investigators that she and Auger subsequently switched to texting and wound up arranging to share a meal at Hapa Sushi in Cherry Creek.

Dinner went well enough that afterward, the pair headed to a residence where the woman was house-sitting.

They walked dogs in Washington Park, then returned to the home, where the woman let the pets run in the backyard while Auger used the facilities.

Upon his return, he started kissing the woman, and things soon progressed to the point where they wound up in her bedroom.

Hapa Sushi in Cherry Creek.
Hapa Sushi in Cherry Creek.
Google Maps

That's when the woman said she wouldn't have sexual intercourse without a condom, and she didn't have one. Auger didn't either, but after some activity that's blacked out in the police report, he climbed on top of her.

The woman said "no," but Auger allegedly didn't stop, telling her, "You will like it. It's fine" and later adding, "I won't cum or anything."

She continued to resist, refusing his repeated attempts to kiss her and pushing him away as he forced intercourse, the affidavit states.

Finally, when she said, "Get the fuck off of me," he responded with, "Okay, okay" and belatedly did so.

As he left, he reportedly asked the woman what her problem was — and after she told him that "when someone says no, it means no," he replied that he'd "had a lot of girls say no, but they like it afterward."

Not this time. The Denver District Attorney's Office has now formally charged him with felony sexual assault. As of yesterday, Auger was in custody on a $50,000 bond; he's due in court for his formal advisement tomorrow.

Here's Auger's booking photo, followed by the arrest affidavit.

Darren Auger.
Darren Auger.
Denver District Attorney's Office
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