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Dashawn Longfellow: See videos of kickboxer Lee Aldhouse, suspected of killing CO Marine

Littleton's Dashawn Longfellow was a U.S. Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, reportedly receiving the Purple Heart during the course of his service. But he died in Thailand, allegedly at the hands of British kickboxer Lee Aldhouse, who may have stalked and then stabbed Longfellow after the latter floored him in a bar fight.

One of the most detailed accounts about what may have happened to Longfellow comes from Phuket Wan, a Thai tourism website. According to writers Alan Morison and Chutima Sidasathian, Longfellow went to a local bar with friends -- and early Saturday morning, he encountered Aldhouse in the bathroom.

There, Aldhouse reportedly picked a fight with Longfellow, little knowing that the Marine was learning kickboxing, too. He was apparently a quick study, because while Aldhouse has competed in the sport for years, Longfellow bested him.

According to Phuket Wan, Aldhouse went directly from the bar to a nearby 7-Eleven, where he allegedly stole a knife "from the kitchen bench where sausages are usually prepared." Then, after learning where Longfellow lived, Aldhouse is said to have waited outside the apartment in question. When Longfellow pulled up on his motorcycle, Aldhouse allegedly stabbed him once, then followed him into the apartment and finished him off.

The manhunt for Aldhouse is ongoing.

The first of the videos below uses a nickname for Aldhouse: "The Pitbull." It's from 2006; the one below captures him in action last year.

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